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Interior Design Miami

Interior Design Miami

So, you’ve got some fresh home renovation ideas on your Pinterest board but don’t have the time to turn it into reality? Leave it up to a great interior designer! If you’re looking for a firm that handles interior design in Miami, give us at RS3 Designs a call to see how we can assist.

What does an interior designer do?

Interior design is an art form. Designers work with their clients to design outdoor or indoor living spaces by using different styles of furniture, lighting, flooring, wallpaper, and other interior decorating elements. Interior designers can work for both residential and commercial properties.

Interior designers act as the ‘middle-man’ between the clients and other professionals involved in property development or renovation, such as architects and building contractors. They would also take care of choosing and buying furniture and décor elements. Due to their experience in the field, they would know where to get the best deals from.

Why you should hire an interior designer

Hiring an interior designer is a smart choice when first renovating your house, or if you don’t know your decor style of choice yet. A professional can help you find your style by showing you sample portfolios, talking to you about new trends in architecture, or working with you to develop ideas.

An interior designer can save you time because they’ve had several years of practice in interior design. So, they’ll do things more efficiently, and know where to buy materials. They would also be more skilled in liaising with architects and building owners, which is important when there are so many regulations concerning properties these days.

Because interior designers have a lot of experience in what they do, they’ll know what works and what doesn’t. They will help you save money by not making the wrong choices when it comes to buying furniture, lighting, or paint. If you need an expert in interior design in Miami, contact us for an initial consultation.

Do I need an architect or an interior designer?

It’s quite easy and common to get confused when you’re thinking about property renovations. An interior designer deals with the more artistic side of things, helping you decide on the styles of furniture, lighting, and flooring options. Their area of expertise is the aesthetic side of property renovations.

You need an interior designer if you are redecorating a space without changing structural elements of it, but only looking for a change in style. If you want to modify, add, or remove structural parts (such as beams) or change the size of your rooms, you most likely need an architect or a structural engineer. In the end, interior decorators, architects, and structural engineers will all need to work together on projects.

Are you looking for the services of a professional in interior design in Miami who is committed to turning your dream home into a reality? Contact us, at RS3 Designs, and we can assist you!

Interior Design Miami
7255 Northeast 4th Avenue Unit 110-1, Miami, FL 33138

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