Posted by Racheal on Oct 31, 2014 under

Nyjah Huston is number one in the world for street skate. He is a really talented and sweet 19 year old who I am lucky enough to have helped design his home.

I originally designed this 6400 square foot Southwestern home 10 years ago for a family of 5. When they moved, Plantscapers (my interior plant company) was approached by Nyjah’s mom for a reference for an interior designer.  They interviewed and hired me to convert this “family home” into a place where Nyjah could relax between his contests and chill with his family and friends.

The first challenge was converting the traditional Southwest home into a home that appeals to a 19 year old – while keeping the integrity of the architecture intact.

We kept the solid wood floors but gave the home an updated and contemporary feel. We chose furniture from Environment a sustainable furniture company with a soulful vibe – it was exactly what we needed for this home.  We updated the kitchen and used bold colors to accent each space. I use interior plants in all my designs to soften the space, put oxygen in and pull dust out of the air. We utilized Nyjah’s trophies and magazine covers for the art on the walls.