With today´s focus on eating right,
exercising, getting enough sleep and mastering stress it is no
coincidence that we are increasingly becoming more aware of our

The environment in which we live plays a large role in our
overall well-being. Wellness focused interior design can greatly influence a person’s physical health as well as their emotional state of mind.

Wellness covers many dimensions,
but we will focus on creating environments that nourish one’s body and mind. The process of acquiring the information needed to incorporate the appropriate tools into your home making you a healthier and happier human being is different for each individual. This might look like a de-cluttered and updated kitchen to simply adding natural light and plants!

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A Clutter Free space

can have an impact one’s mood, relationships and even sleep. It is a huge topic but can be simple at the same time.

your home should reflect your unique personality and the life you would
like to lead. Perhaps that means an area for exercise or an indoor-outdoor space to entertain.  You might lead an extremely busy life and need a calm environment in your home. Once you determine what
it means for you and your family, creating a home to emulate your
lifestyle is so rewarding.


has a strong impact on the mood of a room and how it makes you feel. It
is largely a matter of personal taste but can really affect your
environment. Lighter colors are airy and can make a room feel larger and
brighter. Darker colors are more refined and make a room feel warmer
and even “safe.” Neutrals are black gray, white and brown. These colors
establish balance. Active colors like yellow and pink can excite the
mind along with boosting creativity. Blues and greens are considered
passive colors and calm the mind and help with mental focus. Colors also incite emotional responses, so when choosing colors keep your personal preferences in mind. 

Comfort and sustainability
are key when it comes to furniture and materials used in the home. It
goes without saying that it must be comfortable for the user as well as aesthetically pleasing. All without toxins to off-gas and try to keep the carbon footprint in mind as much as possible. This might mean the
re-purpose of an item in the way of re-covering a piece of furniture or using a local craftsman to make a piece for your home. It also incorporates working with companies that keep fair trade practices and use sustainable and natural materials. 

is becoming one of the most important elements in home design. Spaces
with smart lighting systems to better match your Circadian rhythm,
artificial light that mimics daylight and using natural light whenever
possible is crucial to overall wellbeing. Air and sound quality play a role as well, especially to sensitive individuals. 


Tamra Mundia

Principal Designer & Owner

Tamra is a creative who believes that our interior environment inspires our style of living. She has a well trained eye for quality in furnishings, textiles and craftsmanship and believes in collaborating with local artisans. She understands classic design aesthetics as well as knowing how to bring a fresh perspective on every project. In addition to being proficient in listening to her client’s needs she understands how to execute the vision. Her firm excels at implementing and coordinating the process from idea to finished spaces. 

Tamra grew up in Northern
California and is proud to call San Clemente home for the last 25 years where she lives with her husband Greg. They enjoy spending time with their 2 grown sons as well as actively participating in church and community. She received a degree in Interior Design after attending Cal State Long Beach and the Interior Designers Institute. Tamra’s experience includes: teaching “Meet the Masters” for CUSD, yacht design in Newport Beach, and high end residential design. 

Tamra is passionate about living a healthy and active lifestyle and takes joy in circuit training, yoga, beach walks and a clean diet.

Contact | Tamra@ConceptDesignOC.com

Gina Sisca Hazlett

Project Manager

Gina has been an integral part of our team since 2004. Her dedicated and
tenacious nature is what keeps the wheels spinning at Concept Design. She is responsible for day to day operations, purchasing, financials and coordination of installations.

​Gina holds degrees in Business Economics & Sociology from University of California, Santa Barbara and worked in the manufacturing industry for years. She and her husband of 39 years raised 3 children and have 3 beautiful grandchildren.

Born and raised in San Clemente, Gina’s family has a long history in town. Her father, Tony Sisca was one of the original faculty at SCHS and its own baseball field was named after him. Gina serves as the Executive
Director of BILY (Because I Love You) San Clemente and San Diego chapters and is passionate about helping families in crisis. 

When she’s not running the office at Concept Design, you can find Gina jogging on the beach trail or swimming at Vista Hermosa Pool most mornings as the sun rises.

Contact Gina@ConceptDesignOC.com

Lisa O´Connor

Interior Designer

Lisa is passionate about design of all kinds. For her entire life she has been interested in aesthetics, from makeup and fashion to fine jewelry and interiors. That interest led her to the aesthetics of the body and movement and she is now a certified trainer in various fitness modalities. She draws inspiration from her past experience into her Interior Design career.

Her knowledge of color from studying gemology and creating makeup looks is evident in her design work. Striking the perfect balance of texture and color comes naturally to her. Not only does she understand how to connect the elements of design, she also connects with her clients. She gets to know her clients and their desires for their projects and creates designs as unique as they are. Lisa is outgoing and fun but tough when she needs to be! Since high school she has collected vintage clothing and that passion sneaks into the furnishings of her designs, often taking something with history and using it in a modern way. 


Lisa is mom to Jesse Joe and wife to Neil.  She currently lives in San Juan Capistrano with her family which includes Galaxy the bearded dragon and dogs Bowie and Lucky . They enjoy long walks together on the trails of the San Juan Hills.


Contact  |  Lisa@ConceptDesignOC.com

Caitlin McQueen

Interior Designer

Caitlin has always had a passion for design and knew early on that she wanted to create beautiful spaces for people, no matter the budget. She is most passionate and creative when designing Residential Kitchens and Bathrooms along with Hospitality Projects and enjoys creating experiences for clients while always considering form and function along with aesthetics. Caitlin graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Interior Designers Institute in 2019 and has had numerous internships along the way. She had the pleasure of working for Nate Fischer Interiors for 1.5 years. Concept Design is thrilled to have Caitlin join our team and appreciates her eagerness to learn and grow in the design industry.
Caitlin grew up in Laguna Beach and is now very happy to be residing in San Clemente with Lily, her golden retriever. She and Lily can often be found walking on the beach trail or around town. In her spare time, Caitlin is very active and loves pilates, running, lifting weights and surfing. On the weekends she also enjoys being in the sun, spending time at the beach and sipping wine with friends in the evenings!

Contact  |  Caitlin@ConceptDesignOC.com

In the end, a thoughtfully designed home with wellness in mind combined with your unique personal
touches will transform your environment to nurture your constitution and soul.