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CD Handmade Candles Designed for Good

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CD Handmade Candles Designed for Good

Our handmade candles are created by a woman artisan building a brighter future for herself and her family using all-natural soy & coconut waxes, pure cotton wicks, and premium fragrances made with essential oils. We never add any dyes or enhancers. .

  • Vessel:  recyclable glass, 3.5” W x 3.5” H

    Burn time:  about 50+ hours

    Fragrances: premium fragrances infused with essential oils

    - White Amber: White amber is in white glass and one of our crowd pleasers. The warm amber is slightly sweet and makes a profoundly sensual and welcoming scent. It is as light and bright as a summer day.

    - Wisteria+Honeysuckle: In white glass. A full bodied floral bouquet of climbing honeysuckle blended with wisteria evoke a sweet brunch on a sunny spring morning.

    - Oakmoss+Sage+Amber: In black glass. A grounding fragrance with deep character. A captivating blend of rich, alluring amber and earthy oakmoss is a perfect mix of earthiness from the amber and sage and a floral balance from oakmoss. Loved by both men and women alike.

    - Mediterranean Fig:  In Black Glass. Figs have a wonderfully unique scent with a fruity sweetness that smells both decadent and gentle. Figs ripen in the heat of summer with a delicious honeyed sweetness which only intensifies when dried. It's a calming scent that is sure to bring a bit of sunshine into even the coldest days of winter.

    Wax & Wick:  premium soy + coconut blend candle with cotton wick, no dyes or enhancers

    Our candles are designed for a lifetime of enjoyment... when yours burns low, simply refill with a locally purchased votive or clean and repurpose as beautiful home decor.



We celebrate creativity and quality, support fair trade and ethically made goods, and argue that every product - if made the right way - can help make the world a better place. We don’t like unhealthy stuff in our homes. We love things that are sustainably made and can be reused or repurposed.